Vladimir Mayakovsky – A Cloud in Trousers

Vladimir Mayakovsky is one of my favourite Russian poets. I was really impressed by this video: Aleksandr Petrov is reading a piece from Mayakovsky’s  A Cloud in Trousers.  Powerful interpretation! Translation originally posted here: You swept in abruptly like “take it or leave it!” Mauling your suede gloves, you declared: “D’ you know, I’m getting[…]

how are you video

Basic Russian phrases: How are you? – Как дела?

How to ask  ‘How are you”‘ in Russian? Gestures and colors will help you to memorise the answers. Watch the video, repeat after me and copy the intonation. КАК ДЕЛА́? – How are you? Отли́чно – excellent О́чень хорошо́ – very good Хорошо́ – good Норма́льно – not bad (literally – normal) Непло́хо – not bad Пло́хо[…]


Russische avontuur

Een van mijn studenten, Ryan Miller vertelt over zijn ervaringen in Rusland. Ryan komt uit California en werkt als docent Engels. Hier is zijn verhaal: I traveled to St. Petersburg in 2006 having never studied Russian and unable to even say “zdravstvuyte.” I got off a bus in the middle of the night in January.[…]