Months and seasons in Russian

  1. Months in Russian

Here are the names of the months in Russian:

январь – January
февраль – February
март – March
апрель -April
май – May
июнь – June
июль – July
август -August
сентябрь – September
октябрь – October
ноябрь – November
декабрь – December

If we say when something happens we use the preposition в together with the Prepositional case of the month:

в январе – in January
в феврале  – in February
в марте  in March
в апреле – in April
в мае – in May
в июне – in June
в июле – in July
в августе – in August
в сентябре – in September
в октябре – in October
в ноябре – in November
в декабре – in December

2. Seasons in Russian

Here are the seasons in Russian

зима – winter
весна – spring
лето – summer
осень – autumn

When we say in which season something happens (when?), we use the following forms:


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