Russisch taalcafé – Russian language exchange meetup

Russisch taalcafe’ is a Russian language exchange meetup. This meeting is for everybody who wants to practice Russian and help Russians with Dutch or English. We meet is a cafe’ for a friendly chat and speak Russian and Dutch in turns. You don’t have to know Russian or Dutch in order to participate – there will be somebody who can help you to learn some basic phrases. So it’s great for all levels, from total beginners to advanced learners.
What we do  at Russisch taalcafe’:

  • practice Russian or Dutch for free with native speakers
  • learn about  Russian/ Dutch culture
  • meet new people and make friends
  • have lots of fun!

If you are interested in Russian language exchange online (to practice written Russian or Dutch, for example), please, join our facebook group Russian-Dutch language exchange

Next meeting: 21 August 2016, 13.00 -15.30 at Cafe Edel,
Address: Amsterdam,  Postjesweg 1


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One thought on “Russisch taalcafé – Russian language exchange meetup

  • здравствуйте Тамара,
    Ещё состоятся встречи в Cafe Edel ?
    Или есть другие возможности где я смог бы упражняться в русском языке?
    с пожеланиями,

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