Russian stories #5 -Making Borscht – Готовим борщ

Сегодня мы готовим борщ на 50 человек. Смотрите новое видео на медленном русском. уровень A1-A2. Вы можете читать субтитры на русском или английском языке. А ещё вы можете скачать текст с параллельным переводом (русский/ английский) и список новых слов из видео. Today we are making borscht for 50 people. Watch my new video in slow[…]

Months and seasons in Russian

Months in Russian Here are the names of the months in Russian: январь – January февраль – February март – March апрель -April май – May июнь – June июль – July август -August сентябрь – September октябрь – October ноябрь – November декабрь – December If we say when something happens we use the[…]

How are you? – Как дела?

How to ask  ‘How are you”‘ in Russian? Gestures and colors will help you to memorise the answers. Watch the video, repeat after me and copy the intonation. КАК ДЕЛА? – How are you? Отлично – excellent Очень хорошо – very good Хорошо – good Нормально – not bad (literally – normal) Неплохо – not bad Плохо[…]

Russian experience

One of my students, Ryan Miller, is sharing his Russian experience. Ryan is an English teacher and a writer from California, USA. It was a great pleasure to work with him! Here is his story: I traveled to St. Petersburg in 2006 having never studied Russian and unable to even say “zdravstvuyte.” I got off[…]