How to install the cyrillic keyboard on your computer or phone

My students regularly ask me how to install Russian keabord on your computer, smartphone and other devices. Here are some useful tips.  Any comments are welcome!

How to Install the Cyrillic Keyboard for Windows 7 on Your System

Russian language on Android devices

For the stock keyboard, go into Settings -> Language & input and select the settings icon next to Android keyboard. Select Input languages at the top of the screen. Uncheck “Use system language”. In the Active Input Methods section below, leave English (US) checked, then scroll down and put a check next to Russian.

After that, a Globe button shows up next to the spacebar. Pressing it toggles between all of your selected languages

In case you aren’t aware, this also works with the Google voice typing! To do this, select the “Choose input languages” option in the Google voice typing settings, then pick your languages.

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iPhone/iPad: go to Settings-General-Keyboard and add any one you like.

Mac computers: go to System Preferences – Keyboard – Input sources, click on the + in the bottom left corner and scroll down or search for Russian.

Stickers for your computer keyboard

If you live in Amsterdam you can get the stickers with cyrillic alfabet in  Priwet Rossia .
Vijzelstraat 87, 1017 HG Amsterdam
06 43282788

Russian keyboard layout