Russian video stories #2 – Это – наш обед! – Russian Possessive Pronouns

Watch funny video, read the text and pracise Russian possessive pronouns! Всем привет! У нас сегодня гость. Hi everybody! We have a guest today. Привет! Hellо! Как вы думаете, кто это? How do you think, who it is? Правильно! Это – крокодил. Его зовут Геннадий, или просто Гена. Right! Its’ a crocodile. His name is[…]

Russian video stories #1: Всегда онлайн! – Russian personal pronouns

Привет! Меня зовут Тамара. Я – преподаватель. Я преподаю русский язык. У меня есть друзья, их зовут Маша и Саша. Это Саша, или Александр. А это — Маша. Саша — менеджер, а Маша сейчас не работает. У них есть сын. А это — их сын. Его зовут Андрей. Это Андрей. Он студент. А где мой[…]

Russian music: Viktor Tsoi – Виктор Цой и группа Кино

Viktor Tsoi (Russian: Ви́ктор Цой; June 1962 – 15 August 1990) was a Soviet musician, singer and songwriter of Korean-Russian origin, leader of the post-punk band Kino. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of Russian rock and has many devoted fans across the countries of the former Soviet Union even today. Few musicians[…]

Луч солнца золотого – A ray of the golden Sun

A ray of the golden Sun (Луч солнца золотого) is a song from an old famous Russian cartoon Town Musicians of Bremen (Бременские музыканты). This cartoon was so popular in Russia that many Russians  know its songs  by heart and even sing them along with a guitar  at the parties. Nice music, sweet lyrics, I’m getting nostalgic myself! Enjoy the[…]

Clothes in Russian – with audio!

Download Russian audiovocabulary – text and audio   одежда – clothes спортивная одежда – sportswear повседневная одежда – casual wear костюм – suit деловой костюм — business suit юбка – skirt платье – dress вечернее платье — evening dress , evening gown блузка – blouse рубашка – shirt майка — singlet, tank-top футболка – T-shirt[…]

Colors in Russian – Цвета

Here are colors in Russian. Listen to the audio and check your pronunciation! Sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates on Russian grammar, vocabulary and culture. Download audio – Colors in Russian красный  – red оранжевый   – orange жёлтый – yellow зеленый – green голубой – light blue синий – blue фиолетовый[…]

How to install Russian keyboard on your computer or phone

My students regularly ask me how to install the Russian keyboard on their computer, smartphone and other devices. Here are some useful tips.  Any comments are welcome! How to add Russian keyboard for Windows 10 Enter the Control Panel. Under Clock, Language and Region, click Change input methods. Click Add language, and choose Russian. Now the Russian language layout will[…]

Vladimir Mayakovsky – A Cloud in Trousers

Vladimir Mayakovsky is one of my favourite Russian poets. I was really impressed by this video: Aleksandr Petrov is reading a piece from Mayakovsky’s  A Cloud in Trousers.  Powerful interpretation! Translation originally posted here: You swept in abruptly like “take it or leave it!” Mauling your suede gloves, you declared: “D’ you know, I’m getting[…]